what people say

Mort Kantor          Website Entrepreneur

They have a gift for teaching unique and creative methods for working with nature while collaborating with others.  We used our hands and found tools to prepare and arrange materials that created original art. 
Their process is intuitive, introspective and great fun!

Nina Knox PhD      Clinical Psychologist and Collaborative Divorce Coach

Amy and Laura set the stage for a very unique and creative experience in the woods. They provided a framework and a safe environment for strangers to get to know each other and collaborate on using the materials around them to create an artwork. What fun to be challenged not only to get ones creative juices to flow but also to interact with others in this endeavor. I would not hesitate to repeat this experience. I highly recommend the talented, knowledgeable team of Amy and Laura to make this magic happen.

Jeff Maylath    SFAI, UCBX, Maylath Construction

I ventured out on a beautiful spring day in downtown San Francisco with a group of strangers, Amy, who was my professor at UCBX, and Laura, who months later would interview me for acceptance into the MFA program at SFAI.  Amy and Laura are smart and insightful instructors.   We walked and observed as a community.  Although the walk was curated, we discovered and experienced objects of the landscape that people often miss. It was a safe, wonderful, and totally edifying experience that still resonates with me!

Judy Doherty       Photographer
Amy was my professor at UC Berkeley Extension and she was highly effective at helping me find my cohesive artist vision with her vast knowledge of art history as well as art exhibitions in San Francisco. Laura and Amy gave our class a collaborative field trip of sculptures in public places around the city and it was highly informative as well as contemplative. I highly recommend them for collaboration, team building, classes, and tours. I learned a lot about art in public places as well as art history and would gladly work with them again.
Stephen Magnum      2016 BFA, San Francisco Art Institute
I worked with Laura and Amy on a collaboration project in 2014 as a member of a group of around 30 art students charged with creating an installation out of random materials left from a previous art installation in a space at the Berkeley Art Museum.  When we arrived at the location, Laura and Amy did not assign anyone tasks or give any specific instructions, but rather managed the group dynamics as we worked through being overwhelmed with materials without a theme or concept.  Laura and Amy recognized the emergence of group leadership, collaborating teams and workable concepts and deftly navigated the group out of chaos and into structure and production.  The result was an art installation that reflected the collective creativity of the group in a unified concept.  The process was as much a work of art as the resultant installation, very successful. 

Lisa Leavitt

Laura designed a meaningful art-making day for my father’s 80th birthday that was enjoyed by our family and friends, most of who do not work in creative fields.  She created a really comfortable and engaging environment with unique collaborative exercises that were stimulating and enjoyed by all!

Beth Molnar     Director, Green Art Workshop
Having collaborated with both Laura and Amy, I highly endorse their work in bringing people together for enriching hands-on art making experiences. They are gifted in gauging group dynamics and customizing the event to meet the needs of the community.  April, 2016.
Tony Williams     Vice President, Society for Art Publications of the Americas (Meridian Gallery)
Amy creates an environment for dialogue and expansion and a commitment to exploration that participants translate back into their own realities. May, 2016. 

John Paul Peterson

Laura is adept at helping participants in her workshops feel comfortable and excited to tap into their creative side.  We walked away from the day feeling energized about seeing the world in a slightly different light.

Ruth Chase Boudreaux     Artist and Teacher
Amy, I wanted to thank you for the very inspiring workshop you taught at Camp Artseen last week.  You're such a GREAT teacher.  July, 2015. 
May Liu     Research Scientist
The totem-making during Amy Berk's "Working in the Woods" workshop was the cherry on top of a collaborative creative art-in-nature effort.  It was a magical way to spend a morning.  Thank you, Amy!