who we are


REAP is a project run by Amy Berk and Laura Boles Faw, professional artists and teachers.  They have been collaboratively teaching for 4 years and believe wholeheartedly in how collaboration can fuel creativity.  

In addition to their studio practice and collaboration with each other:

Amy works collaboratively on a number of projects including the web publication stretcher.org and with the artists group (TWCDC) most recently for Temporary Structures at the Walter and McBean Gallery at the San Francisco Art Institute. She co-founded the Meridian Interns Program in 1996 serving inner-city teens and is currently teaching a mural course at The Urban High School.  She has taught at SFAI since 2006,  serving as Chair for the Contemporary Practice program from 2011-13. In addition, she teaches adults in the Post-Baccalaureate Certificate Studio Arts Program at the University of California Berkeley Extension.  This fall, Amy's work is included in the exhibition "Objects of Mutual Affection" at Royal NoneSuch Gallery in Oakland.

Since 2012, Laura has taught in the Sculpture Department at the San Francisco Art Institute, working with both graduate and undergraduate students.  She has also taught within various programs including City Studio, Meridian Interns Program, Kala Art Institute, and the San Francisco Art Institute’s PreCollege Program and Public Education Program.  She has worked within an ongoing artistic collaboration with Cathy Fairbanks since 2009 and often collaborates with other artists.  She recently completed a permanent public artwork in LongLi, Guizhou, China and has exhibited this past year at the Contemporary Jewish Museum, [ 2nd floor projects ], and 41 Ross in San Francisco and had a solo exhibition at Ms Barbers in LA.

Their personal websites can be found here:

www.amyberk.com                     www.laurabolesfaw.com